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We are born, pure, straight from the Creator. We have only goodness in us. We have the potential of accomplishing good things in life. It's through life experiences and choices we make that taint that goodness. We can change for good anytime we decide to. Creator loves us unconditionally. When we ask for only good, that's all that will come.

Life is life a Pinball Game. The pinball is our life, Creator releases the spring cue to shoot us into this life. Our gifts are the flippers. The better we learn to use our gifts the better we will do in life. We get stuck like the ball repeating to hit a contact post when we don't learn the leasson that experience has for us, and repeat that lesson over, and over, until we learn. When the ball goes down the bottom hole, that's the end of our life. Be a Pinbal Wizard.

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